Report Bias
Generative AI Bias Reporting System

Please report any biased output you’ve come across using AI platforms and tools. This reporting will be a valuable and structured contribution to a dataset that can help make generative AI outputs more inclusive across platforms and around the world. These data is redistributed openly at Access the data. Please be mindful about what you share with the community here. Though it is a safe place, be do not upload data with personal identifiers unless you have permission to do so or the person is within the public domain.


Attribution of Stereotype
Link some attributes to an individual based on their identity. For example, suggests that girls are not good at math.
Alien in Own Land
Assumed to be from somewhere else based on appearance.
Suggests that marginalized individuals or groups are abnormal.
Diminishes the humanity of groups or marginalized individuals, for example, over-sexualize the appearance of the representation of a person given non-sexualized attributed.
Criminal Status
Links a person or group given non-criminal attributes to criminality, danger, or other threats (e.g., illness)
Second-Class Citizen
Automatically describe or depict groups or individuals as low status in society when no specific instructions was given to do so.
Myth of Meritocracy
Obvious or systemic difference in treatment is solely attributed by default to one’s merits.
Denial of Lived Experience
Minimize the experiences of marginalized groups or individuals.
Anyone can have some claim to a marginalized groups experiences. Cultural appropriation falls in this category.
All members of a marginalized group are portrayed as identical and or uniform.
Deny belonging to a marginalized group by criteria minimizing or deleting lived experience.

Please keep in mind
Do be mindful of the following subtleties: race (physical) and ethnicity (cultural) are distinct domains. Similarly, Gender Identity and Sexuality should not be confused. If the bias found comes from conflating or confusing two or more domains, pick one (use the description field to explain).

These optional fields ARE NOT DIRECTLY REDISTRIBUTED. We kindly ask for this information to better understand who is contributing and who may be more willing to get involved, and/or why. We will only redistribute aggregates. Your email address, should you choose to provide it, will NEVER be redistributed in ANY circumstance. We may solely use it to contact you should we need clarification on your report.